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If anyone knows of any inaccuracies on this webpage,
Email ME here (remove the NOSPAM. part from address and change subject to 'Inaccuracy report Bands') and I will correct them immediately upon verification.

I list these musicians here because they are good and because I've had contact with them in some degree. If a musician has the "rock star" attitude that they don't have the time to answer my email, then I don't have the time to add a link to their website, I don't have the time to go to a store to spend my hard earned cash for their CDs, and I don't have the time to go to their concerts and spend/waste more of my money. With the advent of MP3 swapping, the tables have turned on the record companies and "artistes"; they have got to kiss their fans' behinds or else: the public will not buy their music, people will swap their music for free instead of buying it, and/or the public will consciously and conspicuously ignore them. The public will not tolerate arrogant rock stars anymore. Any sign of hubris from rock stars will cause their most ardent fans to abandon them in an instant.

"Bands" are something that the fans believe in to make "real." In "bands", you'll usually see one or two guys who write all the songs, and the other members are "hacks". The "hacks" are expendable. In "bands" you'll see the songwriters as being close friends while at odds with the rest of the members. Whoever gets the songwriting credit gets the publishing money, the non-songwriter members are sidemen and therefore expendable. "Bands" usually break up when the sidemen realize that they're working just as hard as the songwriters to make the band successful, but are getting paid a fraction of the profits because they are just expendable sidemen. "Bands" go through personnel changes when the expendable sidemen get too frustrated with the songwriters who will not allow them to record any of their songs on the "band's" albums. "Bands" disolve when the expendable sidemen realize that they're being shut out of the "band's" gravy train while at their commercial peak. No, unfortunately "bands" aren't the fraternities nor brotherhoods of friendships that everyone thinks they are, they're ephemeral businesses whose members often distrust and dislike each other. Even the most famous rock band of all time, The Beatles, had members who hated each other at times and didn't speak to each other during their last year as a "band" and didn't speak to each other for a few years after they broke up. It's the music business not the music friendship.

So enjoy music, enjoy rock concerts, enjoy the experiences of listening to music, but don't give yourself delusions about artists and imagine them to be any more than what they are. They're people just like everybody else.

Los Angeles County Musicians Roster
book these bands

Brotherhood Of The Guitar
guitarists for hire

Japanese Breakfast
alt-rock band

Pillow Queens
alt-rock band

Beach Bunny
alt-rock band

Amy LaVere
bassist, singer, songwriter

Donna De Lory
singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose radiant voice and expansive musical vision encompass pop, world music, electronica and devotional mantras. In the pop realm, she s perhaps best known for her work with Madonna as a backup singer and dancer

Idan Raichel Project
producer, keyboardist, lyricist, composer and performer. During a career spanning a mere 17 years, Idan has become not only one of the most successful artists in Israel but also one of Israel s leading music ambassadors abroad

Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca
Afro-Cuban Soukous Music

an American indie pop band based in Los Angeles, California
they were doing well until singer and artist Hannah Hooper was striken will illness

Youngblood Hawke
Youngblood Hawke on wikipedia
an American indie pop band based in Los Angeles, California, a one hit wonder that was amazing when they peaked

Steady Holiday
Andrea "Dre" Babinski, singer songwriter guitarist

Laura Veirs
American singer-songwriter based out of Portland, Oregon

Charlotte Hatherley
English singer, songwriter, musician and guitarist

Erick Walls
guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and songwriter

Bill Cutler
singer/songwriter, producer and manager

Wena Velasco

The Regrettes
American rock band from Los Angeles. The band is led by frontwoman Lydia Night.

Molly Miller
touring musician for famous bands, solo artist, Chair of the Guitar Department at Los Angeles College of Music

Lauren Ruthward
singer songwriter guitarist

Cindy Alexander
Cindy Alexander on Youtube
up and coming Los Angeles based singer songwriter

Marina V
Marina V on Twitch.TV
Marina V on Youtube
up and coming Los Angeles based singer songwriter

Khruangbin is a three-piece band from Texas, formed of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald Johnson on drums. Taking influence from 1960's Thai funk - their name literally translates to "Engine Fly" in Thai - Khruangbin is steeped in the bass heavy, psychedelic sound of their inspiration, Tarantino soundtracks and surf-rock cool.

Kira & The Major 3
jazz and pop music group lead by Kira Morrison
guitar by Nico Co
bass by Marcy Mejia
drums by Tim Gaisser

Barns Courtney
up and coming English singer, songwriter, and musician

Tash Sultana
up and coming Australian based singer songwriter, one-woman-band

The CoatHangers
Julia Kugel's and Meredith Franco's Atlanta indie rock band

Kaela Sinclair
amazing singer songwriter

Best Coast
Bethany Cosentino's California indie rock band

Chelsea Wolfe
singer songwriter

Courtney Barnett
Australian singer songwriter

Vanessa Fernandez
jazz versions of pop songs, her recordings are used in many stereo hifi demos

Valerie June
Organic Moonshine Roots Music

Carlos Guitarlos
blues guitarist

Jess Lewis

Laura Cox
blues guitarist

Jess Greenberg
rock guitarist

KatieJane Garside
British riot grrrl
KatieJane Garside
Daisy Chainsaw
Ruby Throat

Robby Krieger
Robby Krieger - The Other Side
DOORS guitarist

Marisa Ronstadt & The Know-It-Alls
Marisa Ronstadt is a cousin of Linda Ronstadt

Finger Dancers
jazz pop

Cunao - Latin Folk Music

Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band
Thai rock band

Annabella Lwin
Annabella Lwin
Annabella Lwin is the first Asian to make it big in the pop music world. She is no longer a member of the band Bow Wow Wow that tours with a new singer.

Camera Obscura
they have a great song "Razzle Dazzle Rose"

up and coming Los Angeles based rock band

Me N Ma Girls
the first all-girl pop hip hop dance ensemble from Myanmar

Brigitte DeMeyer
up and coming singer songwriter

Elizabeth Cook
singer songwriter

Dean Peer
solo bassist

Bryce Jacobs
guitar player, movie soundtracks

Tal Wilkenfeld
Australian bassist

Tom Kolb

Laurence "Lol" Tolhurst
Levinhurst on wikipedia
Levinhurst on myspace
former keyboard player for The Cure

Marnie Stern
Marnie Stern
NY based shred guitarist

Will Ray
session and touring guitarist

Gary Gramolini
founding guitarist for John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band

Finest Dearest
SF rock band, great songs, broke up in 2010

Angels of Light
the song writing project Michael Gira started immediately after terminating Swans (1982-1997)

EMO rock band

Monsters Are Waiting
up and coming Los Angeles based band

Ashley Maher
world beat music

Keren Ann
Israeli/Dutch/Javanese singer songwriter who sings in many languages.

Davison Coleman
up and coming Los Angeles based singer songwriter duo

Jocelyn Scofield
up and coming Los Angeles based singer songwriter

Deborah Holland
Los Angeles based singer songwriter

Olga Tapia
Los Angeles based singer songwriter

Danielle Brisebois
Danielle Brisebois
Los Angeles based singer songwriter, actress

Free Heat
Jim Reid (vocals and guitar) was a founder member of The Jesus & Mary Chain with Ben Lurie

Hello Stranger
up and coming Los Angeles based band

Red Delicious
Pasadena, CA band signed to Warner Brothers records

Tyler Hilton
recently signed to Maverick Records, he's going to be huge, he's also an actor

Lily Allen
up and coming UK based singer songwriter
Lily Allen,
Lily Allen

Cole Gentles
up and coming NYC based singer songwriter

Thomas Blug
amazing guitarist from Germany

Mirror IMIJ Experience
Byron Bordeaux
Byron Bordeaux
Byron Bordeaux
Byron Bordeaux
guitarist for the legendary soul crooner, Bobby Wolmack, touring guitarist with The GAP Band or heading up his own band, The Mirror Image Experience Byron is a force to be reckoned with.

The Section
led by violinist/arranger Eric Gorfain, is Los Angeles' premier rock and roll string ensemble; includes Daphne Chen, Richard Dodd, and Leah Katz. Members of THE SECTION have toured or recorded with Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Smashing Pumpkins, Lowen & Navarro, Elton John, Faith Hill, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Better Than Ezra, Christina Aguilera, Grant Lee Phillips, Neil Diamond, Live, SheDaisy, Phoebe Snow, Dwight Yoakam and Clint Black.

Alicia Grant
alternative pop covers, beautiful voice, unfortunately she knows absolutely nothing of the music biz and is being managed by a svengali manager Michelle who is holding back her career by booking her into money losing venues and keeping her from meeting the right important people who could help her career.

Jon Brion
masterful guitarist, talented singer-songwriter, record producer
Jon Brion. He often plays with special guests including Eleni Mandell, Eliott Smith, Micheal Stipe of R.E.M., and others.

Cameron DePalma
from Portland, OR

Eenie Meenie
Denise Siegel's band has a great CD, probably the best unsigned band in the Silverlake rock music scene, write to them at
Krown Pocket, 3128 Rowena #2, Los Angeles, CA 90027
You buy copies of their EP on vinyl-$6.50 and CD-$4.99 at ROCKAWAY RECORDS,, Musicopoly, For more info check

Eleni Mandell
is a folk singer who has been garnering "buzz" in the music industry

Brooke Ramel
singer songwriter, her songs have appeared on the tv shows "Glory Days", "7th Heaven", "Dawson's Creek", "Charmed", "Party of Five"

singer songwriter

Diane Ponzio
is an excellent singer/songwriter/guitarist based in New York City, who appears in concert world-wide. She has currently released her third CD. She also travels internationally with Chris Martin performing at Martin Guitar clinics.

Kirstin Ashe
is a singer-songwriter, she plays guitar and piano. If you like performers such as Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, and Joni Mitchell, you should come check it out.

David Knight - Arkkon
Arkkon is David Knight; he has worked with Danielle Dax; email David Knight

Ben Lacy
amazing percussive style guitarist

Kelly's Lot
singer songwriter, sounds like Grace Slick & Jefferson Airplane

DRUMMER: Mark Schulman
the best session/studio/tour drummer I have ever met is Mark Schulman, who has done more work for more famous artists on the major labels than anyone I've ever met. Mark Schulman

are a great LA band that has been signed to EastWest/Elektra/Warner Bros Records. Check out their links here.

JD Natasha

Julieta Venegas

is probably the best Seattle band today and are featured here

Tom Tom Club
great musicians

The Strokes, official site
great potential, lots of postive media attention, huge in the UK, Australia, and Europe

Jennifer Warnes
outstanding singer songwriter

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
rock band from San Francisco

Demolition Doll Rods
ever heard of this Detroit all-girl rock band?? They sound like the Patti Smith Group

Art Alexakis is from West Los Angeles, CA, great Portland, OR based band, you can contact Alex Alexakis who is the lead singer and a record producer.

Ani DiFranco
probably the most important folk singer of the 90's

led by bassist Cary Berger, has released their own self produced and recorded an EP and I would definitely sign them to an R&D deal right this second, after I'd sign Cameron DePalma because their demo was so good. Call them at (213)936-0415

Are a young LA band with an album on Epic/Sony Records. They are talented young musicians who are children of Hollywood show biz families; they are, as somebody else described them, "rich kids from the LA private school/snob circut ... except Darren ..." A few of them are professional actors and fashion models; their former drummer is a very talented fine actor. Their fanbase consists mostly of young teen and twentysomething girls, and not much outside of that demographic. They have great live shows, but their albums are lackluster, "toothless" is one way a critic described them. They're likeable friendly people, but they are in the Hollywood trust-fund studio-brat crowd, you know what I'm saying. This band seems to have turned from a real band into a boyband in exactly the opposite way "O-Town" turned from a boyband into a almost-real-band, but the result and their fanbase is the same. When this band-thing plays out or their fanbase grows up and moves onto the next boyband-with-guitars-of-the-month, the actors will probably move onto great fame and success. The other band members who aren't actors fail to distinguish themselves and will probably move onto something else. Darren should be allowed to solo more. I recommend seeing this band live because that's when they're great, as for their CDs, well, you listen to them a couple of times and you don't feel compelled to listen to them again. Their fanclub president Suzanne is kind of odd.
You can contact them individually: Alex, Darren, Jacques, Sam Jeff Conrad
Update 8/03: Just as I predicted, their famous actor drummer Jason Schwartzman has left the band in the middle of their recording their next album. As soon as a good script with a big budget and big budget paycheck came along, he ditched them. They have lost their celebrity followings that used to hang out with them backstage.
Update 11/03: Just as I predicted, exactly as I have been advising them, they started their own label to sell recordings of their live shows: Phantom Planet Bootlegs
Update 2009: Just as I predicted, they broke up when the actors' careers started gaining momentum.
Update 2020: Just as I predicted, their acting careers stalled so now they've reunited and are touring again.

they are oh-KRS (Records) !!! listen for yourself. This was probably one of the most important rock bands of the 90's. Janet Weiss, drummer, is also a member of the band Quasi. Sleater-Kinney

has anybody seen her live?

Trance to the Sun, Tess Records
has the hottest demo floating around, they sound like Joy Division/Ambient House/Medicine/Mazzy Star type rock I've been scouring record stores everywhere trying to find copies of their latest. I might soon locate a store that carries their demo/album. A major should sign these guys, they're really good. A few have told me they're on Tess Records. If I was an A&R exec, I'd sign 'em. Well, they're not on Tess anymore and are looking for a deal. If you'd like to get a hold of them - call Tess anyway and ask for Matt and he'll tell you how to find Elan (TTTS). The Tess phone # is (805)568-1601. Their CD on Tess Records is available, among other places, in the Darkwave/Projekt catalog (where my Eleven Shadows release is also carried stateside). Call Darkwave at 1-800-CD-LASER Trance to the Sun, Projekt Records Trance to the Sun, Tess Records Trance to the Sun,

they have a great albums that for unknown reasons, MUTE Records doesn't seem to be promoting. Somebody kick MUTE's butt to get them to start properly promoting this great band.

Vanessa Paradis
sings great Lenny Kravitz songs and has an interesting voice. When she married actor Johnny Depp, her music career ended.

Jim Carroll
the late New York poet, punker, writer

Patricia Kaas
great French pop star, get her double-album live CDs

Toyah Willcox
British pop star, actress, wife of Robert Fripp, that nobody has ever heard of outside of the UK

Mission Of Burma
American band is hugely popular and influential in the UK, unknown in the USA

Roger McGuinn
of The Byrds fame, whole heartedly supports the strings - the 12 string set is his favorite

Jim Donovan
drummer for band Rusted Root, drum teacher, and owns his own music store and record label

John McDowell
drum music composer, drum teacher

Charity Chapman
alternative pop covers, beautiful voice

Anne Husick
NY singer songwriter, music teacher, formerly of the Band of Susans

music from the Shona people of Zimbabwe

influenced by African vocal pop

influenced by African guitar pop

influenced by African guitar pop

Dramane Kone
traditional West African music

Yukiko Matsuyama
Japanese traditional and contemporary Koto artist

Danielle Dax
She's a very underrated artist. She has worked with Karl Blake, David Knight, Peter Farrugia, and David Cross. Danielle Dax, fanpage, Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax, bio, This site has their bios.

Karl Blake
British poet, punker, writer, worked with Danielle Dax

alternative pop, beautiful voice

Jocelyn Pook
avant garde electronic music

Stephen James Taylor
avant garde electronic music, movie soundtracks

Groove Armada
great website

Abby Travis
bassist, singer

alternative pop, beautiful voice, Ekova

Lucianas Wish
alternative pop, beautiful voice, violins & world beat instruments, Lili Haydn, Paul Cantelon, Martin Tillman

Chris Ho Band
improvisational ensemble with top-tier musicians from the Los Angeles area

Adam Ho
plays classic rock covers on his electric guitar on the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, a street performer who gets paid in tips, (714)897-8768, (714)316-3469

Glyn Styler
lounge style crooner, jazz, singer songwriter, amazing artistic expression, Scott Walker-ish ballads

Exene Cervenka
Los Angeles poet, punker, writer

Steve Howe
legendary UK guitarist

Caroline Alexander
Caroline Alexander
she's friends with Coastal Dune
UK alternative rocker

Glen Matlock
famous UK punk bassist, kjdare @, glen @

Bally Sagoo
from UK, owner of Ishq Records. I like his album "Rising From The East"

Lisa Go
Japanese singer / songwriter

Tom Corbett

Steve Morse
guitarist of many genres

Greg Koch
guitarist of many genres, clinician for Fender

Adrian Galysh
guitarist of many genres, clinician for Brian Moore Guitars

Michele Greene
singer songwriter

Eric Gales
guitar virtuoso that is being tragically overlooked today

Cambodian singer Chhom Nimol, Ethan Holtzman, Zach Holtzman, Dave Ralicke (of Beck's band), Senon Williams (of the Radar Brothers), Paul Smith. DENGUE FEVER yahoo-group. Chhom Nimol also performs with another band every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8pm to midnight at the New Paradise Restaurant restaurant in Long Beach, CA. See my Los Angeles Restaurants webpage for the location of that restaurant. Send an email to Chhom Nimol to ask her when she'll perform next. DENGUE FEVER review
Chhom Nimol
Chhom Nimol

Brother Yusef
solo acoustic and steel string blues

Donnie V.
solo acoustic and steel string blues

Halie Blackman's band enthusiatically plays reggae, ska, junkaroo. Their album "Jump to the Rhythm" has lots of great songs, (626)577-8463, (949)553-6949

Lisa Witty
from Michigan, now in Los Angeles, she's a really good singer songwriter

Zoo Story
Randy Coleman & Carlos Rivera make excellent alterntative folk rock

Maroon 5
Previously known as Kara's Flowers, now signed to Octone Records distributed by BMG. I was friends with these guys before they were signed. After they became famous, they ditched all their friends for their new celebrity friends. I still like their music anyway.

Jella Reyes
singer/songewriter from the Philippines

Honey Luv (formerly known as Premiere)
R&B, pop, gospel group from the Philippines, now based in San Jose, CA

R&B, pop, gospel group from the Philippines

Jocelyn Enriquez
pop singer from the Philippines, she had hits in the 1990's

Rachael Yamagata
Asian singer

Laura Khoe
Asian model singer

One Vo1ce
Filipina model singers

Vienna Teng
singer songwriter similar to Maya Marin

Corrinne May
singer songwriter

Larissa Lam
singer songwriter similar to Maya Marin

Marsha Wattanapanich
Thai folk singer and pop star

Tata Young
Thai pop star and actress, Tata Young

Visiting Violette
Lee Takasugi, Glenn Suravech, Shin Kawasaki

Alex Masi & Trio of Doom
progressive rock band

Michael Angelo Batio
metalhead guitarist

Mickey Jones
former guitarist for Bob Dylan, actor

Vini Reilly and The Durutti Column
progressive rock band from the UK, performed with Morrissey

Phil Gates
Phil has been seen and heard on guitar at many of the L. A. Clubs with his eight piece band,"The Phil Gates Band" playing Funk, R&B, & Blues

Chris Thomas King
young African-American blues musician from the "deep South", he is the real deal "bluesman"

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Blay Ambolley
veteran African guitarist musician

Holly Palmer
Los Angeles based singer songwriter

The Exit
young buzz band

Genesis P-Orridge
industrial music

Robin Trower
UK guitarist

Neptunes - surf band
surf band

Bill Tapia
103 year old ukulele player

Ana Popovic
blues guitarist

Stacey Lynn Swain, pop singer

Yngwie Malmsteen
speed shred guitarist

Marc Seal
speed shred guitarist

Hiram Bullock
the late session guitarist, July 25th 2008

Scott Walker
guitarist on 4AD Records

Steven Severin
former member of Siouxie & The Banshees, The Glove

Graham Coxon
underrated British rock guitarist for UK band BLUR

Graeme Revell
film composer, studio tech

UK goth, punk, alternative rock band

Tia Carrere
actress and singer

Tommy Ramone
formerly of The Ramones, now a mandolin player

Antigone Rising

Doll by Doll

Alan Vega

Caleb Quaye
guitarist for Elton John and Hall and Oates during the 1970s

had hits in the mid-1980's, amazing vocals by Renee Diggs, amazing musicianship by Greg Phillips, they were an amazing live band

had hits in the mid-1980's
Gioia Bruno
Laurie Miller
Kelly Moneymaker

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
had hits in the mid-1980's as "Eddie and the Cruisers". The critics hated John Cafferty because he took Bruce Springsteen's musical sensibility to create better songs when Springsteen was just beginning to suck. The critics bashed John Cafferty because he was not Springsteen.
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band

South Indian Music Academy of Los Angeles

Melody del Mundo
alternative rock singer from the Philippines, kind of an odd personality though, takes offense at everything. She is a kind of "has been" in the Philippines and an "almost was been" in America. Amazingly talented, but her personality alienated her fans. I used to wonder why amazingly talented people who seemingly have everything going for them, looks, talent, stage charisma, good material, etc., don't make it in the music industry, until I met a few like her.
Sugar Hiccup : The schizofficial Reunion Central
PinoyRadio Mornings with MELODY DEL MUNDO of Sugar Hiccup EP 20150806
Stellas Notch
Stellas Notch
interview Melody del Mundo
Stellas Notch - Melody del Mundo
Red Lily - Melody del Mundo
Melody del Mundo returns with Stella's Notch
Melody: Still sweet as sugar, and she's headed home July 24, 2015



John York
former member of The Byrds

Lola Amaria
Malaysian star, doesn't speak a word of English. Search for pictures on your favorite search engines.

Dizzy Mandjeku
African electric guitarist.

Boubacar Sidibe
African electric guitarist.

Djelimady Tounkara
African electric guitarist.

The Music Circle
gathering place in Southern California for great Indian musicians

Debashish Bhattacharya
Indian guitarist

Harry Manx
guitarist playing tradition of the Blues with the depth of classical Indian ragas

UCLA's Game Music Ensemble
UCLA's Game Music Ensemble
Devin Gunay's musical group

a long since forgotten duo girl band from the San Gabriel Valley that made very atmospheric guitar pop songs

Maya Marin
outstanding singer songwriter who simply gave up making music, she was amazing as were her songs, but after years of frustration, she gave up music and now concentrates on making art photos
Maya Marin - Live on KUSI Morning News
Maya Marin
up and coming Los Angeles based singer songwriter



Dan Schwartz
fingerstyle guitarist

Steve Oliver
multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Steve Oliver is still being heard each day on contemporary and smooth jazz radio around the world

George Sabolick
fingerstyle guitarist

Justin Roth
fingerstyle guitarist

Ben Woolman
fingerstyle guitarist

John Pisano,
John Pisano
John Pisano's Guitar Night
Los Angeles, CA based jazz guitarist, organizes concerts, showcases jazz guitarists at his "John Pisano's Guitar Night" on Tuesday evenings, see his website for details

Pat Kelley
jazz guitarist

John Chiodini
John Chiodini on Facebook
jazz guitarist, soundtrack composer

Fretless Brothers
microtonal jazz guitar

Paul Brown
jazz guitarist

Jim Fox
jazz guitarist

Bruce Forman
jazz guitarist

Diane Hubka
jazz singer and guitarist

Echo Greywolf
Native American fingerstyle guitarist, dream music

Tom Smith
fingerstyle guitarist and banjo player

Grant Geissman
jazz guitarist

T. Dan Hofstedt
fingerstyle Hawaiian slack key guitarist

Larry Koonse
jazz guitarist

John Leftwich
bassist and guitarist

Anna Mjoll
jazz singer from Iceland

John Stowell
jazz guitarist

Gino Matteo
Gino Matteo
blues and jazz guitarist

Howard Alden
jazz guitarist, famous for the guitar music in the Woody Allen movie "Sweet and Lowdown"

Jimmy Bruno
Jimmy Bruno
jazz guitarist

Frank Potenza
jazz guitarist, director of the "Wire Chior" jazz guitar ensemble, teacher at USC, Frank Potenza USC

James Blood Ulmer
jazz guitarist

Charged Particles
The trio's repertoire blends jazz with elements of Latin music,funk, classical music, and other genres.
Outstanding bassist Aaron Germain

Kathleen Frasca
Dead Ringer
jazz vocalist Kathleen Frasca has an interesting "coctail jazz" ensemble with a great jazz guitarist. Call (818)563-2406 for booking.

The Jazz Poets
great jazz band, available for bookings
Anthony King/Guitar & Bookings: (818)726-6636, (818)509-1180
Ethan Phillips/Bass: (310)251-4439
George Kourtis/Drums: (310)724-0978
Raymond Pitts/Clarinet: (213)368-9539

Tom Ball has made some of the most incredible solo guitar albums. He's had releases on Fantasy Jazz. I don't know anything about him except he's on an indie label: Kicking Mule Records, PO Box 158, Alderpoint, CA 95411 and his mail address is: Tom Ball, PO Box 20156, Santa Barbara, CA 93120 Somebody from a major, please sign him! The music is already recorded, it just needs to be distributed worldwide. His talent is amazing. Peter Poirier and Robert W. Van Sickel said he was good live. Tom Ball's albums are now being reissued on CDs by Fantasy Records.

Mark Isham
is a veteran jazz musician and film and tv score composer, join his mailing list for his newsletter

Dave Askren
jazz guitarist

Barbara Morrison
is a veteran blues singer, get on her mailing list for her next shows, call (213)937-9066, FAX:(213)965-0588, Barbara Morrison

Martin Taylor
is a great solo jazz guitarist from Britian

Martin Simpson
is a great solo fingerstyle guitarist and teacher from Britian

Doyle Dykes
is a great solo fingerstyle guitarist from Nashville

Tuck Andress
fingerstyle jazz guitar wizard

Laurence Juber
the lead guitarist in Paul McCartney's band, Wings, great fingerstyle soloist

jazz, Ruth Kasckow on Flute, Tomoko Takasagi on piano, Leslie Baker on bass, and Ken Park on drums

Tim Sparks
fingerstyle jazz guitar wizard, old website

Pat Donohue
masterful guitarist and talented singer-songwriter of blues, folk, and jazz

Ray Sandoval
Flamenco jazz guitarist

Joe Diorio
jazz guitarist often compared to the late Joe Pass

Ron Anthony
great jazz guitarist, uncle to jazz guitarist Ron Affif

Ron Affif
great jazz guitarist, newphew to jazz guitarist Ron Anthony

Hideaki Tokunaga
jazz guitarist

Sid Jacobs
jazz guitarist

Doc Dosco
jazz guitarist

Jim Stubblefield
Flamenco jazz guitarist

Robby Longley
Flamenco jazz guitarist

Scotta Amendola
Grammy-nominated for his work in TJ Kirk (Warner Bros.), this jazz drummer performs with famous bassist Todd Sickafoose and Pat Martino

Todd Sickafoose
famous bassist

Frank Gambale
guitarist, jazz, fusion

Steven King
one of the best acoustic guitarists, fingerstyle, and jazz, of all time, Taylor webpage

Anthony Wilson
jazz guitarists, amazing, UCLA teacher, (310)825-4761, Anthony Wilson UCLA teacher

Claus Boesser-Ferrari
fingerstyle guitarist

Bob Brozman
Hawaiian slide guitarist

Scott Stenten
two handed, double necked, guitar player

Andy Summers
British, former guitarist for rock band "The Police"

Andrew DuBrock
Guitar s music editor, and performs around the San Francisco area as a singer-songwriter. He looks like Jim Morrison. Andrew DuBrock

Stanley Clarke
great bassist

Victor Wooten
great bassist

Marcus Miller
great bassist

Dimitri Diatchenko
fingerstyle guitarist

Strunz & Farah
fingerstyle guitar duo, Flamenco, jazz

Del Casher
Del Casher email
guitarist who invented the "Wah Wah" effect pedal, Del Casher

Jaquie Gipson
acoustic guitarist, fingerstyle, amazing

Mimi Fox
jazz guitarist

Derek Bailey
jazz guitarist, owns Incus Records

Richard Smith
USC teacher, jazz guitarist, Richard Smith at USC

Steve Trovato
USC teacher, jazz guitarist, Steve Trovato at USC

Andrew Goldenhersh
fingerstyle guitarist and magician, sometimes performs with Sarah Stanley

David Oakes
fingerstyle guitarist and magician, sometimes performs with Steve Trovato

Michael Musillami
jazz guitarist

Yma Sumac
weird, weird, weird singer

William Eaton
current director of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. fingerstyle guitarist and luthier, guitar, harp guitar, lyre, violin, tablas, shakuhachi and traditional flute, great CD albums on Canyon Records

Gary Karr
the world's leading solo bassist, search internet for lots of articles praising his music

Brian Bromberg
bassist, composer, and producer, has toured, performed and or recorded with some of the greatest artists of our time

Jacintha Abisheganaden
a Singapore female vocalist, Jacintha Abisheganaden

Indian jazz guitar

Carlos Juan
German jazz guitar

Johnny DeMarco
Roland guitar endorcee, jazz guitar

Henry Johnson
jazz guitar

Corey Christiansen
jazz guitar, Corey Christiansen

Stephane Wrembel
Gypsy jazz guitar

Doc Powell
jazz guitar

Joyce Cooling
smooth jazz guitar

TM Steven
jazz bass, former bassist for Miles Davis, James Brown, Steve Vai and Joe Cocker

Peter Lang
fingerstyle guitar

Jennifer York
jazz bass

Thom Bresh
fingerstyle guitarist

Laura Silverstein
fingerstyle guitarist

Barry Zweig
jazz guitar

Tomas Janzon
jazz guitar

Dan Faehnle
jazz guitar

Bradra Buchin
jazz guitar

Rez Abbasi
jazz guitar, India

Peter Curtis
jazz guitarist

Bill Kirchen
country, twang, rockabilly guitar

Anna Homler
avant-garde jazz, experimental vocalist

Steuart Liebig
avant-garde jazz, contrabass guitarist, composer

Jim Goodin
avant-garde guitar

Emily Hay
avant-garde jazz, voice, flute, piccolo and piano

Brad Dutz
avant-garde jazz, drums

William Michael Mitacek
avant-garde jazz composer

Bobby Bradford
avant-garde jazz composer

Lyle Murphy, Lyle (Spud) Murphy
Equal Interval System (EIS) moves beyond traditional theory with a fresh and innovative way to composing music

Code 3, Jeff Miley - guitar
jazz fusion trio from Los Angles, CA

Alan Chapman & Karen Benjamin
husband-wife team of singer Karen Benjamin and pianist Alan Chapman

John Bergamo
percussionist. His music is amazing. He is the driving force behind The Repercussion Unit, a collective of percussionists. The line-up of the Repercussion Unit varies. From time to time, Ed Mann also takes part with them.
John Bergamo
John Bergamo
Repercussion Unit
Repercussion Unit
Repercussion Unit
Ed Mann
Stephen "Lucky" Mosko
Hands On'Semble

Taylor Guitars Endorcees
Taylor Guitars endorcees are some of the finest acoustic jazz, fingerstyle, blues, and folk musicians today.

Allen Kelinsky
Allen Kelinsky
Los Angeles, CA based jazz guitarist; a truly remarkable talent, I really don't understand why musicians as talented as he don't try to promote their shows more aggressively, try to sell their CDs more aggressively, and try to gig with other musicians. There are many people who wished they had the talent such musicians have, and some of these musicians just don't do anything. He works as a lawyer now.

Jim Hall
the late jazz guitarist

Ronald Muldrow, RIP
jazz guitarist, passed away in 2007

RIP: Mundell Lowe
Mundell Lowe on wikipedia
jazz guitarist, passed away 12-2-2017

Mary Kaye Trio
RIP 2007, the late famous jazz guitarist and vocalist. Famous for Fender's "Mary Kaye" Stratocaster guitar

James Boyk
James Boyk
Caltech professor and musician has recorded and produced for audiophile reference recordings label Sheffield Lab and his own albums and his own label Performance Recordings. He also runs the Caltech Music Lab Auditioning Facility for subjective evaluation of components for the audio industry.

Muriel Anderson
guitarist, classical, fingerstyle
she organizes a NAMM show called All Star Guitar Night
Muriel Anderson

Howard Le Guitar
classical guitarist

classical guitarist, new classical music

Satik Andriassian
classical guitarist

Matthew Elgart
Matthew Elgart
classical guitarist

Ana Vidovic
classical guitarist

David Starobin
classical guitarist

Michael Gratovich
classical guitarist

Dublin Guitar Quartet
classical guitarists play music by Phillip Glass

Gloria Arjona
Spanish classical guitarist, teaches at Cal Tech

Guitar Romantica
Andres Carrasco and Kent Lindsay, classical guitarists

Aaron Spoor
classical guitarist

Connie Sheu
classical guitarist

Maggie Grether
classical guitarist prodigy

Enno Voorhorst
classical guitarist in Germany

John Schneiderman
classical guitarist

Andrew Hull
classical guitarist

Payam Larijani
classical guitarist

XueFei Yang
classical guitarist

David Ellis
classical guitar virtuoso; Ellis is a great gtr player who has his own CD available. A major label should sign this guy for an r&d deal; the music is already recorded and he's serious about his career (310)396-7467. His CDs are for sale at McCabe's Guitar Shop

probably the most educated musical group ever, each with Ph.D's and have made albums for tiny indie classical labels. Contact Belinda, Nina, and Jim at (909)626-2394, (800)980-1795 Nina Treadwell is also a published historian of early 17th century music.

L.A. Guitar Quartet Scott Tennant
world's most famous guitar quartet is based in Los Angeles and at USC college, USC faculty classical professors Scott Tennant and William Kanengiser founded the internationally famous quartet, Sony's site Sony's other site

classical Ph.D's, (310)396-4242

Eliot Fisk
is a great classical guitarist

Kurt Rodarmer
fine classical guitarist

John Bilezikjian
Armenian master Oud player & vocalist

Darryl Denning,
is a virtuoso classical guitarist and lute player. He has recorded for Citadel and Legend Records and is the music coordinator for CalTech where he also teaches classical guitar. Darryl Denning at Cal Tech, Darryl Denning email, Darryl Denning email

Christopher Parkening
classical guitarist, teacher at Pepperdine University, organizes the Parkening International Guitar Competition

Osvaldo Gold
classical guitarist

Martha Masters
classical guitarist

Edward Trybek
classical guitarist and composer

Michael Chapdelaine
classical guitarist and composer

Joe LoPiccolo
classical guitarist and composer

Stepan Rak
classical guitarist and composer, Stepan Rak, Stepan Rak

Adam del Monte
fine Flamenco guitarist

Scott Morris
classical guitarist, performs with Isamu Nakashio in group Hollywood Guitar Duo

Lee Zimmer
classical guitarists, performs with Eric Brenton in group Duo Sesoko

Peter Schickele
humorist classical music

The Debussy Trio
Marcia Dickstein, harp; Angela Wiegand, flute; David Walther, viola. The Debussy Trio presents a unique concert experience of chamber music in the 21st Century. Its innovative repertoire includes styles from French Impressionism to American jazz-fusion and works by film composers. The Trio has appeared in Prague, Copenhagen, Geneva, and at festivals, nationwide tours, and numerous California venues. Individually, Trio members perform with the Los Angeles Opera Orchestra, the Long Beach Symphony, the Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, and as freelance artists in film studios.

The Section
led by violinist/arranger Eric Gorfain, is Los Angeles' premier rock and roll string ensemble; includes Daphne Chen, Richard Dodd, and Leah Katz. Members of THE SECTION have toured or recorded with Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Smashing Pumpkins, Lowen & Navarro, Elton John, Faith Hill, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Better Than Ezra, Christina Aguilera, Grant Lee Phillips, Neil Diamond, Live, SheDaisy, Phoebe Snow, Dwight Yoakam and Clint Black.

Orion String Quartet
new classical music

Lera Auerbach
piano prodigy

Richard Grayson
classical piano, electronic keyboard works

Steve Thachuk
classical guitar

Jack Sanders
classical guitar, luthier

Jacob Herringman
classical lute

Gregg Miner
classical harp guitar

Tony Harmon
classical guitar

Goran Ivanovic
classical guitar, records with Fareed Haque

Fareed Haque
classical guitar, records with Goran Ivanovic

Michael Anthony Nigro
classical guitar, Argentinean guitar works

John Schneider
John Schneider
classical guitar, His radio show Global Village can be heard weekly on Pacifica Radio's KPFK at 90.7-fm in Los Angeles & worldwide at

James Domine
James Domine at Pierce College
classical guitar

William Chapman Nyaho
classical concert pianist from Ghana, new classical music inspired by African music

Mike Christiansen
Professor of Music and Director of Guitar Studies in the Music Department at Utah State University, writer of guitar books for Mey Bay
Mike Christiansen on myspace
Mike Christiansen
Mike Christiansen in Lightwood Duo

String Theory

MASS Ensemble

Guitar Society Listings

Music of Africa
Columbia University

Sound of China Guzheng Music
Chinese Zither ensemble

Scott Morganm
New Media Artist, classically-trained composer

World Kulintang Institute
Indigenous Filipino music: Eleanor Academia, executive director and resident artist, is a noted authority and historian of kulintang. She started as a studio keyboardist/percussionist and a Sony Records artist. Pilipino Kulintang Music, Eleanor Academia & Asuncion Ojeda, Pilipino Kulintang Music, Eleanor Academia & Asuncion Ojeda, World Kulintang Institute

Gerald Shapiro
Gerald Shapiro at Brown University
Gerald Shapiro on wikipedia

American Music Mavericks
sounds and personalities of musical innovation in America during the 20th century. Interviews with music-makers and discussion with San Francisco Symphony Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas are highlights of the programs.

Frederick Noad
he passed away on September 13, 2001.

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