Record Labels
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Hire me for your A&R department and I'll bring you the hits. I am the next great A&R ear. Hire me and you'll see the hits rolling in & out! I can bring hit records to any major label that hires me! I am the next "Guy Oseary", "Danny Goldberg", "Doug Morris", "Craig Kallman", "Jason Flom", "Jay Boberg", "Stauss Zelnick", and "Michael Goldstone" to any label that hires me. Danny Goldberg is my hero who was hired as VP A&R at Warners at 24 years old. All of them were hired at young ages to be A&R and have gone onto great success. I have a passion for music, an ear for talent, and the drive for success.

4AD Records
probably the last coolest major label, I want to work here, (310)535-1714

Nonesuch Records
eclectic record label

Shanachie Records
eclectic record label

Acoustic Music Resource
acoustic guitarists

The DiDias run the place! Marc, Pres, Kenny, Alt.Radio, and Nick, producer of bands. Are there more DiDias I don't know about? They have some of the most rocking ad copies for their SLAYER release: 'an album of hard-core punk covers that kick like a hanged man.' George Drakoulis, studio whiz at American, produces many great albums for his and other labels ranging from punk, metal, folk, to traditional Pakistani music. Marc DiDia has very close resemblance to the Flamenco/Spanish guitarist for the John Tesch orchestra ... hmmm. does anybody know?

is where one of my A&R heroes works, Jason Flom, who was hired at a young age to be an A&R and has gone onto many successful signings

Arhoolie Records
blues, gospel, zydeco, roots

Autumn Records
acoustic guitar music

Beggars Banquet
coolest major label from UK, I want to work here

Bridge Records
new classical music

Blues Record Labels
Alligator Records
Blind Pig Records
Fat Possum Records
Hightone Records
Rounder Records

Blue Coast Music Group
Blue Coast Records
latest innovations in digital audio, called Direct Stream Digital (DSD)

Chainsaw Records
indie label from Washington, discovered the band Sleater-Kinney

Canyon Records
indie label that sells great instrumental albums by artists including William Eaton

CMP Records
CMP Records
indie label that explores the frontiers of rock, jazz & world music

Ellipsis Arts Records
world beat music compilations

Favored Nations Records
Steve Vai's record label, features guitarists

Groove Note Records
jazz label with amazing singer Jacintha

Guitar Nine Records
instrumental guitar music, Guitar 9

Hemisphere Records
EMI world beat record label

Kill Rock Stars
independent punk and spoken-word label from Washington, discovered the band Sleater-Kinney

Lyrichord Discs
world beat music compilations

Laurel Record
released "Harps Of The Ancient Temple" by Gail Laughton

Lyrichord Discs
world beat music compilations

Mel Bay Records
jazz guitar CDs and DVDs

Mosaic Records
jazz reissue label, famous for jazz guitar recordings by Johnny Smith, Joe Pass, Django Reinhardt, Eddie Lang

Music of the World
world beat music compilations

British label with a roster of British and American indie rock acts

EMI owned, part of Higher Octave Records, Real World Records, Back Porch Records

Naxos Records, Naxos USA
high quality classical recordings at reasonable prices, many new artists

Original Recordings Group
audiophile reissues, label owned by Jeff Bowers and Monti Olson, senior vice president of A&R at Universal Music Publishing Group

Planet Hype
Filipina R&B

Proper Records UK
UK reissue label, compilations

Rasa Music
Donna D'Cruz owns this label of interesting new age, ambient, chill out, world beat influenced music

RealWorld Records
Peter Gabriel's label, world beat music compilations

RevJazz Records
independent record company founded in 1999 by virtuoso guitarist Ron Eschete and bassist Todd Johnson

Rhino Handmade
Rhino Vinyl
They create and release limited editions of otherwise unavailable audio and video goodies from the vast Rhino Archives for sale on the Internet. They also offer other non-limited-edition products which we believe will be of interest to collectors. Rhino Handmade titles will be manufactured in pressings of as little as one thousand copies. And each individually numbered limited edition title will be deleted once its announced pressing limit has been sold out.

Solid Air Records
acoustic guitarists

Sterns Music Records
African world beat music compilations

Sympathy for the Record Industry
focuses on garage, punk, and other uneasy listening.

Warner Brothers Records, AOL Time Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers Studios Tour, 4000 Warner Way, Burbank, CA, call (818)954-1669
Tour WB from 9am-4pm, Mon-Sat

World Music Network - The Rough Guide
UK label that sells music world beat artists from around the world. They are famous for digitally remastering very old recordings from foreign artists and releasing them on their "The Rough Guide To ..." compilation albums.

Villa VillaKula Records
an all girl record label, associated with other Washington based labels, Kill Rock Stars, Chainsaw, Sympathy Records

Universal Music
formerly V2 Records, was a new record label started by Virgin billionaire Richard Branson, does anybody know where they are located???

Talking Dog Studio
founder, Paul Gormley, jazz bassist

Awesome Tapes
vintage music from Africa

Righteous Babe
Ani DiFranco and Righteous Babe Records official website

Record Labels (Record Companies) Directory

These record labels' releases are hi-fi LPs and CDs which have a full stereophonic sound. They are usually recorded with two microphones, "dummy head" microphones, or remastered from original recordings. Their LPs are heavy 180-200 gram "virgin" vinyl. Some of the LPs are 12" and 45rpm for better sound. Their CDs are 24-karat gold plated for durability with fancy jewel cases, though those are cosmetics that needlessly drive up costs. Some of the CDs are HDCD, 24bit/96k, SACD, or DVD-Audio. Discs mastered to Sony's SBM, HDCD, or JVC's XRCD sound much better than standard masterings. They use first generation two-track orginal masters in their digital transfer which are transfered using use the highest standard equipment for digitally remastering directly to digital without any further sonic manipulation. Unlike "pop"-recordings put out by major record labels, these are not compressed/equalized for mass-consumer grade stereos or for "radio" (practically mono). These recordings maintain the full dynamics of the music. These recording have full 3-D soundscapes where each instrument is distinct in a seperate section of the soundstage. If you have a favorite album, I recommend buying a reissued audiophile recording of it to hear it to it's fullest potential. Please see my "Entertainment Industry" and "Audio" webpages for more information on the best mastering processes.

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