The Velvetrope used to be a music industry forum board that used to be frequented by people who worked in the music industry.

As you can see, the Velvetrope board is now defunct. PulseMusic ProBoards and the others are what the Velvetrope used to be like when it was a forum full of constructive contributors who worked in the music industry and all discussions were focused on music. PulseMusic ProBoards has a forum "Let's Talk Business" where music industry insiders converse. On PulseMusic ProBoards there are two hidden forums in the "OFF TOPIC FORUMS" section named "News & Entertainment" and "The Lounge" which you can only see if you register, that's where the former Ropers are.

These are old links. The board once had a lot of potential as a proto-social networking website. The moderator abandoned the website, then the board became infested with trolls. These are reviews of what the VelvetRope was like before the trolls finally drove out the contributors.

The articles below describe the trolls who ruined the VelvetRope.

Online Behavior

Dilbert Cartoons about Trolls

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